Privacy Policy

Definition of personal information

SMC Laboratories, Inc. takes a great care in protecting its customers’ privacy sensitive information.

Purpose of gaining personal information

Personal information include, but are not limited to, the customer’s name, date of birth, address, email address and telephone number.

The purpose and scope in which the aforementioned personal information might be used is as follows.

  • Gaining information on the customer’s business background.
  • Answering customer inquiries.
  • Sending out required information.

Disclosing personal information to third parties.

Any and all personal information gained by SMC Laboratories, Inc. will remain undisclosed to third parties, unless an official permission to do so is obtained beforehand. However, in belowmentioned cases personal information received from potential customers may be disclosed, to prevent SMC Laboratories, Inc. from violating existing law.

  • Upon request from a court, police department, law firm or customer service institution, or any other institution entitled to gain personal information to assure public order.
  • Whenever legal requirements say so.
  • Whenever the customer’s permission has been duly obtained beforehand.

Scope and definition of ‘third parties’

In below mentioned cases, the title of ‘third party’ does not apply to institutions receiving customer’s personal information.

  • In case when disclosing any and all personal information received from the customer is necessary to assure smooth running of all procedures operated by SMC Laboratories, Inc.
  • In the event of transferring the right of approval to any party associated with SMC Laboratories, Inc.

Application and processing of personal data

All personal data retrieved from customers of SMC Laboratories, Inc. are processed in a way that makes it impossible to identify the specific individual said data applies to. Such processed data can be further used by SMC Laboratories, Inc. for statistical purposes.


This policy is subject to change without previous notice.
In case of applying any changes to this policy, such changes shall become publically known.

More information

Please inquire at on the details of our personal data management.