Histopathology and imaging service

Summary of service

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Our service

  • Histopathology (from processing to staining).
  • Tissue-based imaging analysis (from animal models to human materials).

Our expertise

  • Expertise in inflammation, immunity and fibrosis in various organs/tissues.
  • Expertise in IHC.
     - Staining protocol development (from processing to validation).
     - Functional IHC and assessment based on our know-how bridging the anatomy and function.

Client’s benefits from our service and application example

  • Objective data package.
  • Development of animal models/pharmacology studies for drug evaluation.

As a leading CRO in NASH, SMC Laboratories has accumulated know-how by assessing over 200 pharmacology studies and 25,000 slides of NASH and related diseases in mouse, rat and human.

NAS : “ballooning” or “pseudo-ballooning”?

Image is for illustration purposes.Image is for illustration purposes.

NAS (including ballooning, inflammation, steatosis) is an important parameter to evaluate the drug efficacy in NASH in both human and animal models.
In order to translate nonclinical results into clinical practice, it is essential to discriminate “true”- from “pseudo”-ballooning in disease models.

Item score Extent
Steatosis 0 <5%
1 5-33%
2 >33-66%
3 >66%
Hepatocyle Balooning 0 None
1 Few balloon cells
2 Many cells/prominent ballooning
Lobular Inflammation 0 No foci
1 <2 foci/200x
2 2-4 foci/200x
3 >4 foci/200x

Basic services

Processing & Embedding :

  • Embedding of human and animal tissues in paraffin (FFPE blocks) from fixed tissues.
  • Embedding of human and animal tissues in O.C.T. (frozen O.C.T. embedded tissues) from fixed tissues.
  • Instruction of fresh frozen block preparation for frozen sections.

Sectioning :

  • Cutting of sections (4-8 μm thick) from paraffin and O.C.T. embedded blocks.
  • Preparation of serial thin sections.

Routine staining :

  • HE, Sirius red, Masson trichrome, PAS, Oil red, etc.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) :

Inflammation-related molecules, fibrosis-related molecules etc.

  • Functional Immunohistology(Double/multiple staining).
  • New antibody staining protocol optimization & validation.

Imaging analysis :

  • Area, length, diameter, stained cell count, percentage of positive area, shape etc.
  • Proliferation, apoptosis, pathological grading etc.

Interpretation of results :

  • Discussion of the histological findings in view of pharmacology.


We can evaluate in various tissues in various disease models.